Groups visits

For the young ones


The visits starts with a «imagier» , a piece of paper on which one there are just pictures. Children have to find different characters, animals, ornamentations represented on the Palace. At the end of this treasure hunt a guide from the Palace exchange with them concerning the things they have seen, perceived and imagined. At the same time the guide will relate in a funny way Ferdinand Cheval’s life and work. Afterwards, children can also color their treasure hunt.

See the imagier

For the older ones


it’s much more than a funny quiz that await you, it’s a challenge: find the greatest number of good answers.  Questions about art, history, architecture and about our famous Postman’s life. 

Time to imagination and observation! It is possible to play alone but it’s more stimulating to play as a team ! A small glossary is helping you to find the right answers… A guide is at your disposal to answer your questions

Ideal Palace Quizz

And for the adults


It is not because you’re an adult that you don’t play anymore and let’s face it, you can’t resist the quiz! Educational kits have been created and are adapted to class levels. During the visits, the pupils look for elements that can help them to answer the questions in the educational kit.

As soon as the visit ends, the guide spends some time with them in order to exchange about Postman Cheval’s life and work. The exchange may involve different subjects: history, art, tourism, territory development. Visits can be concentrated on the theme demanded.